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summer 2022 season

Tryouts have been held and team invitations have been sent. If you are still interested in joining the SouthStar program this summer and were unable to attend tryouts, please reach out to Dana Evans at

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SouthStar Lacrosse

At SouthStar Lacrosse we pride ourselves on teaching the game of lacrosse by teaching our players how to master the fundamentals and  live by the Draw and Dump playing theory. You do not just become good at the game of lacrosse, it takes practice and dedication.    Learning the game the right way takes time and consistent effort. We expect our players to work hard, focus while at practice,  and commit to the team and team goals.  We have designed a program that focuses on training and teaching the game to our players the way we know it should be played.  To get to the next level,  just follow the SouthStar.  

What to expect when joining southstar

We are here to make your son better at lacrosse! The team practices will be used for implementing our team training program.  We will install a motion offense on each team and use small side drills starting at 2v1 to teach this system.  

Players still need to work on their individual game, that is why we have group training sessions.  Players will work with multiple different SouthStar coaches, working specifically on their individual skill set.  Attack, midfield, defense, face off and goalies will split up in groups and practice possession specific drills. Team practice and skill sessions are the best way for players to improve. 

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